Dear future and current employees, you will now learn about our hiring in a very pleasant environment of the Bruntál WELLNESS Center.




JM COMPANY Czech Republic s. r. o. launched an advertisement in the  Rýmařovský horizont. More in the download section.





JM COMPANY Czech Republic s.r.o. launched an advertising campaign.

JM COMPANY Czech Republic s.r.o. launched an advertising campaign.



JM COMPANY Czech Republic s.r.o. is looking for employees for the site in Rýmařov.



JM COMPANY Czech Republic s. r. o. is starting to employ people in the Rýmařov region.


JM COMPANY Czech Republic s. r. o  worked on operating rules of the Rýmařov complex. We ask all visitors to comply with the traffic rules of the area. Thank you in advance for respecting this company’s internal regulations.

Dear customers and business partners,

we are pleased to present the renovation of our factory in Bílovice nad Svitavou. You can see this renovation in our photo photo gallery.

Dear customers,
our factories will be closed this year these dates.

we accept material until 17.12.2020 incl. If you can, don’t leave the pick-up for the last week (December 14 – 17, 2020).
Bílovice nad Svitavou
we accept material until Friday 11.12.2020 incl.
Thank you for your understanding and we wish you all the best this Christmas time.

For the two-shift operation at our Rýnařov site, we are searching for employees for the jobs listed below:

Required job: Production worker
Full-time employment for an indefinite period
Required minimum level of education: Primary
Working hours: 6:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Category of work: Cat. 3

Requirements: Experience with the purchasing of scrap materials, recycling or metallurgy of at least 2 years. REQUIRED, manual dexterity, experience with sorting and processing waste cabling and electric motors preferred, qualification for forklift truck operation preferred. Possible promotion to site manager in the company.

How to make first contact with the employer: by phone
Contact person: Ing. Jan Navrátil
Phone: +420 775 955 315

Dear customers and business partners,

In the following weeks, JM COMPANY Czech Republic s.r.o. will have a new web presentation prepared for you. We apologise for the long lack of activity in this area, but we will have a lot of news for you. Over the last two years, our company has grown significantly – in terms of both the number of employees and in the waste processing business itself. We have opened a new site and now rank among the leaders in the sector. Through the brand new web presentation, we will inform you about our activities over previous years and especially about our future activities. Thank you for understanding, and we believe that you will be surprised to see how our company has expanded.

JM COMPANY Czech Republic s.r.o. is launching a new system for the purchase of non-ferrous metals in Central Europe. We have based our policy on the actual yield of the materials and unique price fixing options. You can expect regularly updated pricelists soon. We strongly believe that we will be introducing a breath of fresh air into the current system of trade with non-ferrous metals.

Our company management has been on a business trip abroad to see and possibly purchase a new separation line.

The line proved to be high quality, something confirmed through its CE and ISO certification.
Thanks to the new line and its water separation system, we will be able to process your materials more efficiently to ensure maximum yields and offer you the best prices.

Our company has established cooperation with processing plants all over Europe. We supply the plants with technological waste sorted exactly in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the customer. Thanks to our extensive customer portfolio, we are able to offer our customers the highest possible prices within the recycling process.

JM COMPANY Czech Republic will introduce the option of payment in euros.

Do you pay your suppliers in euros? Do you use currency hedging with your bank? Unburden your corporate accounting system and reduce your bank fees. You can work in euros with JM COMPANY. Our company now offers payments for your materials in the European currency. To facilitate our business relationships with partners on the volatile currency market, our company tries to help especially those companies that regularly use euros in their business.

JM COMPANY Czech Republic has ordered the production of new advertising banners to be placed around the Bílovice nad Svitavou site.

Our company wants our employees and business partners feel as comfortable as possible at our sites. Our aim was to create an environment that would meet all specified standards and regulations as far as occupational safety and sanitary standards are concerned – one that would be friendly, welcoming, and ecological in all respects.

JM COMPANY Czech Republic has approved a new directive of internal regulations, comprising the setting of a new system of production quality and better employee efficiency and performance.

The existing Bílovice nad Svitavou site at Fügnerovo nábřeží 520, 664 01 has been modernized and approved in accordance with European directives and standards. The Bílovice nad Svitavou site has become the headquarters of the company. Besides the operational premises, which include the production line for waste processing and the storage and sorting parts, the logistics centre and the administrative and personnel parts of the company are located there.

As part of the improvements to our customer service, we can provide our suppliers with transport containers for the waste we collect. We can place the containers at their premises and replace them once full.

The containers are specified below:

Metal transport containers, low: h- 600, l – 1200, w – 800

Metal transport containers, high: h – 900, l – 1200, w – 800

We are able to supply containers with capacities of 13 m3 and more for larger quantities of loose materials.

Our new company logo represents environmental protection which is very important to our company.

The most distinctive element of our new company logo is therefore the distinctive symbol used worldwide to express the term recycling.

Our priority is to maintain the current quality of the services we set up, which are already used by customers throughout our country and also by many in Europe, but gradually we have the ambition to make these services related to waste issues available to customers around the world.

We believe that the use of our new logo in all our presentation materials, such as websites, company flags, advertising prints and others, will soon lead to the remembering of this distinctive symbol of our company.