Rýmařov 8. května 1245/50, 795 01 Rýmařov
Identification number CZT01154
Rýmařov 8. května 1245/50, 795 01 Rýmařov

Opening hours
Monday – Sunday 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
receipt and dispatch of goods 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Jonáš Smýkal
site manager
mob: +420 731 256 909

The Rýmařov site has been completely reconstructed to meet the new requirements and standards imposed on the waste recycling sector. Repairs to the site were started in 2017, and the site was put into full operation in the middle of 2018.


The site complies with the latest standards arising from legislation in the Czech Republic, and has available the most modern waste-processing technologies in the world. Our waste-processing technologies were purchased in various countries, and when choosing the technologies we placed high stress on maximum processability of received waste and exploitability of secondary waste related with our production. The site covers an area of about six hectares, and includes production and storage sections, with green and rest zones. We focus on an environmentally-friendly approach, and the premises reflect this. The site includes, of course, the most modern drive-through digital scales, a wide range of waste processing lines, handling equipment and, last but not least, staff who are always happy to help. There is also a sorting, logistics and storage centre, as at the Bílovice nad Svitavou site. The site also includes an administrative building and several production halls. 

What we purchase:

We use machines to process all types of cables and crushed material. We price them according to their actual yield. We can extract the maximum from your materials using both dry and wet methods. We purchase all specific materials such as AlCu combined, oily, plastic + metal, Pb+Al, etc. We will be happy to price your waste on site in person. Do not hesitate to call us for an offer for refining mixes, crushed materials, electrical waste, any type of electric motors, and more. We look forward to hearing from you.

We also purchase:

  • Cu cables
  • Car cables without terminals
  • Car cables with terminals without boxes
  • TV screening – pasted loops without Fe
  • CuAl coaxial, thin
  • Cu cables, mix, without terminals
  • Thick hollow coaxial cables without connectors, Fe
  • Single plastic-sleeve, pure, 60% + 
  • Bundled cables with terminals from PC power supplies
  • Lead-in wires with terminals
  • Rubber, coaxial, data, DVI, VGA cables
  • Electric motors
  • Electric motors, Fe coating, up to 300 kg
  • Electric motors, mix Al+Fe coating, up to 300 kg
  • Electric motors, Al coating, up to 300 kg
  • Very large electric motors with Al rotors
  • Very large electric motors with Cu rotors
  • Choking coils
  • 220v devices, pumps
  • Cu-Al transformers 
  • Starters
  • Washing machine motors
  • Alternators
  • Transformers, coils, rotors, stators 
  • Brass / bronze
  • Brass 63, pure production 
  • Brass 63, tin-plated  
  • Brass wire – extra fine, pure
  • Brass wire old + tin-plated       
  • Brass mix, in pieces, tap, unsorted
  • Brass 58, chips
  • Brass 58, pure
  • Brass chips, mix
  • Brass cartridges
  • Tin bronze CuSn6-8
  • Copper
  • Millberry, 
  • New conductive wire
  • Sheet metal
  • 1A granulate, coarse / fine
  • Trolley wire, green wire, new sheet metal, pipes
  • Mix 95% – opal, tin-plated, varnished, pieces
  • Braided copper, water heaters, rings, shavings
  • Aluminium
  • Al wire / sheet metal – conductive new
  • Al cast, 2% Fe
  • Al control units
  • Al cables, mix
  • AlFe wires without connectors or impurities
  • Electrical scrap
  • Hard disks without frames, complete
  • CD/DVD drives, complete
  • PC power supplies, no cables
  • PC power supplies, with cables
  • PCBs from power supplies and televisions
  • Fuse panels / control panels, plastic
  • Cable terminals, cuttings
  • Lead, pieces, pure, coils, pipes