Welcome to the JM Company Czech Republic website. Our company purchases and processes waste containing metals.

We rank among the leaders in this sector in the Czech Republic. Our approach is very personal. Every employee participates in the operation of the company, while we genuinely appreciate each customer and work with them on an individual basis. Thanks to the continuous training of our team of co-workers and our good financial and asset background, we are able to provide our customers with the best services related to the purchasing and subsequent processing of waste. We only trade with legal and natural persons carrying on business with the appropriate licences.

Our mission is focused on recycling and environmental protection, meaning we process waste in an environmentally friendly way and strive to extract the maximum possible from it. We aim to reduce the negative impact of industrial production on the environment.

We use machines to process all types of cables and crushed material. We price them according to their actual yield and can extract the maximum from your materials using both dry and wet methods.

We purchase non-ferrous metals, refining mixes, crushed materials, electrical waste, AL-Fe wires, and all types of electric motors, including very large ones.

We also seek specific materials, such as AlCu combined, plastic + metal, Pb+Al +Fe, cables with terminals, adapters, cables with Fe protection, cable cuttings, FeCu mixes, and waste containing precious metals.

We offer extensive price fixation options for copper-based materials before and after delivery of the material.

We use chemicals to extract silver and gold in the form of ingots from surface-finished materials. We can efficiently extract and pay for even very small contents of precious metals, which other processing companies consider below their limits.

We provide complete logistics services, including combined transport in shipping containers.  

We can provide you with containers if you need.

We can give you advice about waste management and correct classification using waste codes. We will be happy to price your waste for you in person on site.